shore to door delivery service

We are no offering a fish delivery service to all homes within a 3 mile radius of Emsworth.

Delivery Charges Start at £2.50

This is not part of the fish box scheme but an added extra.

You do not need to commit to a regular delivery, unless you would like to and your fish can come prepared however you like.

You also get to choose what species of fish you would like to get delivered.

You can pre-order most species of fish with a 3 day notice & we shall deliver it to your door or you can phone me up ask what our boat has caught that day, confirm your order and i shall deliver it to your door on the first available delivery slot, convenient to you.

You can also see the regular updates of fish available to the right hand side, if you fancy something that is not on the list, please call me as we maybe able to source it from one of the other local fishing boats.

 You can place your order by filling in the form below,phoning 07551 008896 and speaking to me direct or emailing me via this link.

Normally in Stock:

"Fresh Fish - Catch of the day"

Dressed Crabs - £5-£6

1 kilo Tubs Anchovies in Oil - £12

Shucked Scallops - £30 per kilo .

Cooked Prawns (frozen or ready to eat) - £10 per kilo.

Cockle Meat - £16 per kilo (price varies) 

Scottish Smoked Salmon - £25 per kilo.

'Surprise Fish Box'

Wednesday to Friday you can order a Surprise Fish Box. This will include catch of the week including other various items: Some items may come whole others filleted, unless you specify.

May contain Plaice, Dover Sole, Lemon Sole, Bream, Bass, Cod, Pollock, Fish Pie Mix, Mackerel, Gurnard, Prawns, Dressed crab and more...

Surprise Fish Box 

You can order value from £15 - £50.

Place An Order:

Fresh From The Boat

Fresh From The Boat - fish & shellfish available.

Fish this week…

Fish Available (Subject to catch)

Brill £7.50 per 500 grams

Cod Fillet - £7.50 per 500 grams

Dover Sole - £9- £11 per 500 grams (size depending)

Lemon Sole - £7-£9.50 per 500 grams (size depending)

Mackerel - £3.50 per 500 grams

Monk Tail - £10 per 500 grams

Plaice - £3.50 per 500 grams

Pollack Fillet - £7.50 per 500 grams

Skate Wing - £4 per 500 grams (unskinned)

Skate Wing - £6 per 500 grams (skinned)

Fish Pie Mix - £6 per 500 grams

We will also be sourcing some of the freshest:

Scallops - £1.50 each.

Sashimi Tuna Loin - £12.50 per 500 grams

March 12th 2018