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We are always taking part in amazing events and here a few things that has happened recently.

Fresh From The Boat, winners of Family Business & overall small Business of 2016 would like to announce that we have been shortlisted for; ‘Independent Fish Retailer of The Year 2017’ Fishing News Awards 2017.
There are 12 categories in total with one category been ‘Independent Fish Retailer of The Year’
Only 4 other Independent Retailers have been shortlisted out of Uk & Ireland. This is a major achievement. 
The remit for this category was:
This award recognises local UK or Irish fresh fish retailers that showed continued support to the commercial fishing industry in their community, trading from a shop, market stall or travelling van in 2016. Nominees will demonstrate a focus on supporting locally-landed fish, with a good range of species on offer; encouraging consumers to experience some varieties that are more usually exported, and others which deserve to be more popular.

This is amazing news and I am absolutely over the moon and so very proud. I would like to thank each and every one of our customers & supporters who voted for us and took the time to put their thoughts forward of why we should be awarded such a prestigious award. Many of you know our journey, we are just a husband and wife team, who work tirelessly catching our own fish, whilst also buying other local fishermens catch to support them and give them a fair price for there catch. We practise & preach sustainable fishing to as many people as possible, while educating people to eat more sustainable species.

Over 3 years we gone from been ghosts of the sea, to selling our catch to local people, running a hugely successful not for profit community fish box, selling our catch to many fishmongers, farm shops and locally at many outlets.

We are so very proud of our many achievements and we couldn't of done it without your support! 
The first stage is completed where our customers stated why they feel we should be nominated (shortlisted) for such a prestigious award.

VOTING IS NOW OPEN AGAIN and we really need the word spreading to bring the award back home to Hampshire! Please can you share with everyone you know. 

This is a tick box exercise with each vote counting towards us winning. To everyone who knows us, bought fish from us, has belief in us, please can you VOTE for us, I’d love to bring the award home!

Voting Closes 28th April2017with the winner been announced on Thursday 25th May in Aberdeen.

Please Vote for us following this link:

Click on ‘Independent Fish Retailer of The Year’ and follow the instructions, only one vote per person and make sure you click on ‘Fresh From the Boat’

Thank You so much.

Fresh From The Boat

Fresh From The Boat - fish & shellfish available.

Fish Available from Tomorrow

Bass- £8 per 500 grams
Huss - £4.50 per 500 grams
Mackerel - £3.50 per 500 grams
Small Gilthead Bream - x2 Fish £7.50.
Grey Mullet - £4 per 500 grams
Dover Sole - £9 per 500 grams
Pollack Fillet - £7 per 500 grams.
Haddock Fillet - £6.50 per 500 grams
Smoked Haddock Fillet - £7.50 per 500 grams.
Fish Pie Mix - £5 per 500 grams
Dressed Crabs - £5.50 each.

Please send all orders to

Posted 10 weeks ago
<p>Get ready for it, today @tuppennybarn from 10am-1pm, 5 mackerel for £5!<br/>
That’s £1 a fish. Offer only valid today. Share away spread the word once there gone, there gone!</p>

Get ready for it, today @tuppennybarn from 10am-1pm, 5 mackerel for £5!
That’s £1 a fish. Offer only valid today. Share away spread the word once there gone, there gone!

Posted 15 weeks ago

Fresh fish this week...

Fish This Week:
We will be attending Tuppenny Barn this Thursday from 10am – 1pm with our catch and a few other local boats.

I’m hoping to have:
Mackerel £3.50 per 500 grams
Whole Sea Bass £8 per 500 grams (each fish normally weighs 1 kilo +
Bream £6 per 500 grams
Fish Pie Mix £5.50 per 500 grams
Shucked Scallops Price TBC
Lemon Sole – Price TBc
Dover Sole - £8 per 500 grams
Plaice - £3.50 per 500 grams
Dressed Crabs - £5.00 each
Huss £4.50 per 500 grams
Ready to eat or frozen Shell on Prawns - £2 per 100 grams
Cockles (cooked ready to eat) £3 per 100 grams

Also possible a few other species…

If you would like to place an order/reservation you can by emailing me at please do so and if we don’t catch your species we shall contact you with an alternative.

Posted 17 weeks ago

Our Royal Invitation

We had a wonderful invitation to attend the Queens Patrons lunch at The Mall. We were lucky enough to represent the Fishemans Mission and Alishia even got to talk to Kate Middleton!

Despite the rain it was an amazing day!

Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

Christmas 2015 we were lucky enough to create a Lobster Pot Christmas Tree from Pots Purchased by our local community. each person who bought a pot received a Lobster.

Its been a tough year for lobster but we are over half way of completing the order and are still bating the pots everyday.

Thank you to everyone who helped create a wonderful Christmas Tree on The Quay and thank you to BBC CountryFile for coming down and filming us.

Media we have been in

We have been in many newspapers, magazines, television programmes and films over the last few years and we will compile a collection for you to have a look at.